About us

Island Times Magazine has been bringing a slice of our Island life to the world since 2009, with world-renowned photographers capturing the sights, story-seeking creative writers, and outdoor/Island enthusiasts of many stripes sharing their stories and adventures.

The adventures continue, and our magazine is expanding and evolving! As the magazine’s new Publisher, I saw Island Times as the perfect “all-terrain” vehicle to cover so many of the areas of Island life I’m passionate about, things shared by so many islanders.

Every issue will be brimming with articles and stories showcasing the most interesting activities and events for all times of year. We’ll also strive to relate them to the essential businesses and people that help make our thriving communities and unparalleled Island lifestyle possible.

I’m fortunate to have the continued enthusiasm of many former contributors to make sure this transition translates into growth! Most notably, former publisher Jolene Aarbo is still involved, and continuing with layout and design – thanks so much, Jolene!
I like to experience everything, and take on a challenge. Vancouver Island really is one of the few places in the world where I’ve found “everything” within a day’s drive.

My background and interests includes serious (some might say extreme) skiing, mountaineering, mountain biking and mountain running, sea kayaking and sailing. I’ve fuelled my passions through work as a Helitack firefighter, in oil and gas, and with many years as tree-planter and foreman. I’ve also completed the Commercial Pilot Program in Victoria, and am very involved in the community through several non-profits and charity organizations in the Comox area where I live. (Our Editor suggests it would be interesting to do an article on my experiences in an upcoming issue. Stay tuned – we will see!)